Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Demoing at JFokus

Mattias and Nicolas attended JFokus on January 27-28, and demonstrated both GeoChat and Portrait Catalogue.

The conference had a quite wide focus and was not as focused around Java technologies as one might think. From a mobile 2.0 perspective it was interesting that the keynote talked about JavaFX which has one of the aims to challenge Flash Lite for mobile devices, but also wants to create a framework for enabling cross device user interfaces.

There was also an interesting presentation on HTML 5, which showed some really promising features of the upcoming standard. Although the discouraging fact that w3c has stated that the standard will be complete in 2022, it was nice to hear that most browsers actually already have started to implement parts of the standard as those parts become ready. Furthermore, the two guys who presented came from a company called Kaazing who are offering open source solutions for creating web applications that utilizes parts of HTML 5 already today, without the need for any browser plugins.

Among other things being presented at the workshop there was a short presentation of Microsofts Silverlight, a look at the new stuff being presented in Java SE 7, and also an in depth presentation of what you can do with JavaFX.

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