Friday, March 27, 2009

Mobile 2.0 team at CHI2009

See You on the Subway: Exploring Mobile Social Software, the paper submitted as a work-in-progress on the Subway Friend Finder application, will be presented as a poster at the CHI conference in Boston next week. We will all attend the whole conference together with most of the Mobile Life researchers, so feel free to come talk to us if you're there.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rui Xue Xia joins the Mobile 2.0 Project

Rui Xue Xia is a new master student at the Future Applications Lab. She's finishing the Information and Communication Technology for Development master program at Stockholm University, a master that mixes IT, business and management. She'll be doing her Master Thesis on the Mobile 2.0 Project for 6 months. She will focus on business models in the mobile ecosystem, studying the different business possibilities for mobile applications including GeoChat, Portrait Catalog, Colombus and the Subway Friend Finder. Her knowledge in Mobile Business will bring a different angle to the project and we are really looking forward to work with her.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Two videos of geo chat and subway friend finder

We made two videos demonstrating the geo chat application and the subway friend finder.

Mobile Life Open House

On wednesday we had an open house here at the mobile life centre!
We demoed four applications from the mobile 2.0 project: GeoChat, Portrait Catalogue, Subway Friend Finder, and Columbus.
There were a lot of interesting discussions around the applications and mobile 2.0 in general with interested people from industry as well as people from the general public.
For those who couldn't make it you can find video-demonstrations of both subway friend finder and the geo chat application at the mobile life website under our project page.